Premier Paint Protection & Ceramic Coating Installers in Wasilla, AK

Premier Paint Protection & Ceramic Coating Installers in Wasilla, AK

We Are Obsessed With Your Car

We often aren't sure how to say this to our clients, but we might care about their car more than they do. Seriously.

Whether you own a C8, Tesla, or are just bringing your hunting rig off the Denali Highway, we care about it the moment you drop it off. Our team is obsessed with returning your vehicle back to you in a way that will make your jaw drop.

Our details are luxurious, and our protective packages unparalleled. We take care of multiple car collections, dealerships, and general car enthusiasts from Anchorage to the Matsu!


CEO & Founder

Andrew Laliberte founded Aurora Auto Styling in 2022. With a decade of experience, Andrew holds multiple certifications and accreditations in paint enhancement, paint correction, ceramic coating, and window tinting for both automotive and architectural applications.

Born and raised in the Matsu Valley, Aurora Auto Styling is your one stop shop for all of your automative protective needs. Whether needing a mini-detail, full tint, ceramic coating or paint protection film, we have you covered...literally.

We take pride in providing the best service in the valley, and as a small business are a family owned & operated entity.


1638 N Chet Cir, Palmer,

AK 99645, United States

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Aurora Auto Styling was founded by, well, a car fanatic and enthusiast. With over 10+ years of experience, Aurora Auto Restyling has quickly risen to the top of the industry in Southcentral Alaska. We are team of certified installers passionate about our work, and the satisfaction of our clients. Aurora Auto Styling has the ability to restore, protect, and maintain your car, truck or SUV with unparalleled success and satisfaction.


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